Sunday, July 05, 2020

Short Film: Harker

Director: Anthony Steven Giordano

Release date: 2005

Contains spoilers

This short film was a puppetry piece (and so I assume the actors listed are the primary puppeteers) that sought to recreate the feel of silent movies – very much of the German expressionist movement. So, one can expect that it apes Nosferatu and, with the short’s name, that it is (at least) inspired by Dracula and you wouldn’t be disappointed with that assumption – though it is loose.

To fit in with the silent movie feel the film is deliberately grained and shot in sepia. It has intertitles, though some of them have a much more modern turn of phrase.

flashback to happier times
After a brief introduction with a child and a monstrous shadow we meet Harker (Scott Silson) a traveller who approaches a castle looking for shelter. The door is answered by Renfield (Tracie Mick-Shoemaker), who sends him away but then (after a moment where a superimposition indicates that his Master (James Donmoyer) communicates telepathically to him) he calls Harker back and offers shelter for the night.

He leads Harker in and shows him to a room, explaining that the Master is out, but when he has gone Harker unpacks his case. In it he has a mallet, stakes and a cross. Harker is no innocent traveller. Nosferatu took his bride, Marie, and he has come to rescue her. But the Master knows he is there and the castle has more dangers – like a child vampire who turns into a crap bat. To rescue Marie, Harker must have his wits around him…

To see if he can succeed then you can watch the short on Amazon, and the IMDB page is here.

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