Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Short Film: Little Angel

This is a 12-minute short from 2018, which was directed by Wonien Garcia and, whilst well done, struggles as it feels like a smaller part of a larger project. However, what we get is worthwhile but you will want the bigger picture.

It starts with a woman (Jazmyne Nikole) walking down a deserted night-time street and she clearly feels something is wrong as she looks around. A figure comes from stage right and grabs her, covering her mouth with a (chloroform soaked, I assume) cloth. Once she has passed out, the attacker pulls back her hood. She is Laura (Avery Austin) and she starts dragging the unconscious woman.

When she gets to her home she is berated by Angel (Samuel L Siskind) for taking so long – he’s hungry and cuts the victim's throat with a knife. Angel is a young boy, dressed in a suit, and Laura calls him old man. He is due to go to a reunion – meeting his brothers that he hasn’t seen for over a century – they were separated when the big earthquake hit in 1906. He suggests that she doesn’t have to go but she accompanies him.

Laura grew up with Angel, looking after him after her mother died (his previous guardian). It is clear that he has missed brother Roland (Kyle Colton) but there feels like friction with Keith (Victor Huesca), who realises that Angel has promised to turn Laura for her loyalty. The older, adult, brothers have provided three girls for refreshment… Will Keith cause upset between Angel and Laura? The short is embedded below to answer that. We don’t get much in the way of lore and it feels like the opening of a longer piece, as intimated above.

The imdb page is here.

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