Thursday, April 23, 2020

Sacrifice of the Hybrid Princess – review

Author: Nancy Kilpatrick

First published: 2018

The Blurb: Part human, part vampir, the beautiful, stubborn, angry young Princess Serene is a tormented hybrid, her days and nights controlled by her overprotective parents. When they suddenly insist on an arranged marriage, visions of a grim future in a loveless pairing with the cold and dominating Wolfsbane drive Princess Serene into a desperate escape.

But instead of freedom, the young naive Princess rushes headlong into the clutches of a human demon whose cruelty and violence threaten to destroy her and her world. The entire vampirii nation is helpless to rescue her, and that threatens war. Her rebellion will lead to many deaths, including those she loves. But to endure brutality until she can escape might be beyond her abilities.

Ultimately, Wolfsbane, her detested bridegroom, is the one holding the key to save her. But can she be saved?

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