Monday, March 23, 2020

Honourable Mention: The Obsidian Curse

This film was directed by Rene Perez and released in 2016. It is kind of a horror fantasy, I guess, with a variety of monsters impinging upon our world. The trouble with that is the monsters kind of, mostly, look like costumes (well they would, wouldn’t they) but to the point that one is kicked out of the suspension of disbelief. When you see a monstrous arm and it is a costume sleeve, and that sleeve is loose, moving like fabric, well the suspension just ends.

That, and the fact that the acting isn’t the greatest. Anyway, be that as it may, there is a vampire but – despite prologue build up – he is a fleeting visitation.

a goblet of blood
So, the head of the film has a woman (Kaula Reed) walking through a castle’s courtyards with an empty glass. She eventually enters a room with the vampire (John Scuderi). He is blue of colour and with his large ears and medieval garb looks a tad more goblin than vampire… but never mind. She fills the glass with an incredibly viscous blood and he drinks… and gags… Before you can say dinner, he’s on her and drinking her blood from the neck.

Karin Brauns as Blair
We do see him eating the flesh from her arm also. Anyway, his role in the film now takes a back seat. We see Blair Jensen (Karin Brauns) drinking and taking cocaine in a bar. Handcuffs go on her and a year later she is released from jail. Her partner (and father of her daughter), Roberto (John Caraccioli, Dracula (2009)) picks her up but has to tell her that he has married (a woman named Donna (Julia Lehman)) while she was inside. To see her daughter (without a court appointed supervisor) Blair has to get a job and Donna sends her to a cavern (to be a tour guide) but it is a trap – a witch (Jessica Koffler) curses her with the Obsidian Curse – a mystic mark that attracts evil.

John Scuderi as the vampire
The idea is that she will very quickly perish and Donna will be happy with her new family. Blair turns out to be tougher than they thought but keeps attracting evil – both supernatural and mundane. So, towards the end of the film the vampire is drawn to her. He manages to intervene with another peril and then is quickly dispatched – his armour not really a match for a gun and a sledgehammer. And that’s it, a fleeting visitation.

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