Friday, February 14, 2020

Honourable Mention: Carmilla Season 3

Director: Spencer Maybee

First aired: 2016

Contains spoilers for Season 1 and 2

This is an honourable mention (as it is available to watch for free) for the web serial Carmilla, and the third season, which at the tail end actually bursts out of the single set format and actually has some limited locational work. That is for the finale, however.

So, Carmilla (Natasha Negovanlis), Laura (Elise Bauman) and LaFontaine (Kaitlyn Alexander) are hiding in the Silas University library – a sentient building – having lost the battle for the campus. This was mostly down to being manipulated by the dean, Carmilla’s mother who was thought dead at the end of season 1 but was actually hiding amongst them, having possessed Perry (Annie Briggs). The library is preventing the dean gaining entry.

the dean
Back on campus proper the dean has consolidated her control of the University and is using the students as slave labour to dig down into the pit that previously contained the angler fish demi-god intent on opening up seven gates to gain entry to Hell and bring about the end of the world. The only thing that can stop her (the gang discover) are four items of power. Still ghosting around is Matska “Mattie” Belmonde (Sophia Walker). She was killed in the last season by Danny (Sharon Belle), who broke her pendant that contained a piece of Mattie’s heart, but something raised her from the dead.

the gsng
Danny herself was raised as a vampire by the dean, who she now serves. Carmilla and Laura are still dysfunctional, having broken up in the last series, and Laura is having self-doubts about doing the right thing, as every attempt has led to disaster, whereas Carmilla is now ready to fight – simply so she can kill her mother once and for all (LaFontaine wants to find a way of recovering Perry). The series takes in the apocalypse, Sumerian gods and pocket universes as it winds its way to conclusion.

use of powers
Like previous seasons it is set in a single set location (bar newscasts) with the story mostly relayed through story, which makes it play like, though we get special effects such as the use of powers when the dean gets in the library at one point, or the appearing and vanishing of Mattie before camera. In the finale, however, we get some locational work with the passage to the pit, the gate room and an external shot. If you fancy watching season three then you can find it here and the imdb page is here.

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