Monday, November 18, 2019

Short Film: Lost in Provence

There is a specific skill involved in capturing something worthwhile in a short film. This particular short from 2019 is 21-minutes long and was directed by Christy Oldham and – though it might just be me – it really didn’t display that specific skill and I was left wondering at the point of it.

Mr Snotty Nose
It starts with an “internet sensation”, Mr Snotty Nose – some fella with a Groucho set of false glasses, with snot beneath – who is doing a video diary touring France. A journalist is sent from the USA to France to interview him. An agent mentions vampires, we get a French new report (without subs) regarding missing tourists and vampires, and then she gets chomped (apparently) by said Mr Snotty Nose. That is all…

post production fangs
A short write up for a short film that featured lots of uninspired hand-cam photography and black and white segueing into colour without an aesthetic point. Oh, and post production fangs. Sorry – this one was genuinely poor.

The imdb page is here.

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