Friday, November 08, 2019

Short Film: Allen + Millie: A Short Romance

Weighing in at just 10 minutes and directed by Markus Redmond, this 2017 short has a twist that kind of telegraphs – hence me spoiling it by featuring the short here is not a particular issue.

Allen (Courtney Gains) is alone in a movie theatre watching classic creature feature “Creature Within” staring forgotten starlet Millie Lane (Brooke Lewis). He is fixed onto the screen and as Millie faces her doom says to the air, “I’d save you”.

A woman enters the theatre and sits by him, remarking about the “picture” – Allen enthuses about it, saying it was *the* creature film of 1934 but then sees her and realises that the woman by his side is the very image of Millie Lane. She is, she tells him, not Millie but her great-grandniece but she has noticed him before, coming to watch her relative’s films. For his part Allen has noticed her antiquated language but is soon lost in his thoughts of his favourite star.

from the Creature Within
They speak about him as well – his life is not going to plan, his career going nowhere and that he might have ended it, if it wasn’t for his fear of death. This leads her to suggest living forever and, on impulse, she kisses him… As we know what she is… perhaps that isn’t the greatest idea, especially when she can type his blood (from the kiss or his scent we are not told)…

The idea of a starlet forever young as a vampire isn’t entirely original. For instance it was a central premise in AHS: Hotel and was done with much panache in Black Kiss but the story of the vampire genre is one of evolution rather than pure originality and this is a well shot little film with a touch of class.

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