Friday, November 22, 2019

Interesting Short: Vampyre Theatre

This is a short written by Nancy Kilpatrick and probably straddles that space between short and novella.

This is both positive; the story was a quick, satisfying read, and negative; it feels like the opening of a much wider vista and I want to know more.

I wanted to know more about the characters; Aleron a mystic, Cheryl the newly turned vampire and Nightshade the actor. All of them were gifted with fascinating personality aspects that absolutely hooked the reader. I wanted to know much more about this vampire world, which seemed to have unique elements that feel worth exploring. I wanted to know more about the story, we are teased with the short prose and I wanted that flirtation to develop – hopefully it will.

Like much of the author's work there is an erotic aspect and this contains (and this is a spoiler) what is probably the most erotically drawn vampiric rebirth I think I've ever discovered in a piece of prose – worth the entry fee alone. Excellent stuff.

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