Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Short Film: Lilith

A 22-minute long Belgium short that was directed by Maxim Stollenwerk and released in 2013, this is a stylish little short that follows the fortunes of a young (looking) vampire named Lilith (Renée Vervaet) – though in film we never hear her named.

Starting in a hospital we see her looking at an injured patient before she pushes a needle into a vein and starts to draw blood. The patient convulses, startling Lilith and causing a vase of flowers to fall and smash. A security guard enters the room but Lilith has escaped through a window.

on the tube
She gets the tube home and is about to enter her flat when approached by her landlord – she owes him money but refuses his offer to work something out. She squeezes a small amount of blood from the blood bag she had tried to fill. Later she considers attacking the landlord – but his son is sleeping on his lap – and goes out. She finds a prostitute, Charlot (Inge van Bruystegem), being attacked and rescues her. Charlot takes her home.

Home is a brothel and we hear that, the night before, she displeased a regular called Horny Hans (Wim Willaert) after he hit her. The two women get on, go out to a club together and a romance begins to bloom. Unfortunately, at the club, Hans takes a liking to Lilith. After she is caught in a medical supply van, but told she can have blood if she has money, she needs to make money but finding work with Charlot will bring her into Hans path…

Hans and Lilith
This one really did work for me, there was a nice narrative painted and you felt for the two women – especially Lilith. This is helped by the fact that the male characters are generally painted negatively but also is carried nicely by the two leads, especially Inge van Bruystegem. There is some really nice framing and use of lighting – especially in the brothel. Worth checking out.

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