Sunday, September 15, 2019

Short Film: Babe

Uploaded to YouTube in 2018, Babe is a film directed by Brian Butterfield that comes in at the 5-minute mark.

A woman (Danielle Abbott) is concerned about her boyfriend (Blake G Rogers Mack), who she refers to as babe. Since he went out the previous Saturday night he has barely eaten or slept and has sleepwalked when doing the latter. He is unresponsive to her as she speaks to him. She goes to bed but wakes to find him missing.

Blake G Rogers Mack as the Babe
Searching she finds him in a utility room. She approaches him (he’s looking fairly veiny at this point) and he bites her. She wakes in bed but sees he has blood on his lips and she a wound at her neck. In desperation she turns to a supernatural detective (Brian Butterfield) who tests him with garlic tea and a cross to his head – conclusion, vampire.

fangs and cross burn
He wants to stake babe at this point but the woman is unconvinced (the detective sees it as his civic duty). What will happen… will she see sense? You’ll have to watch the short to see.

At the time of this article being written I could not find an IMDb page.

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