Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Short Film: The Session

The Session is a short that was directed by Nicholas Grant, release in 2018 and comes in at around the 15-minute mark.

It starts off with a jiggly foot. Kathy (Mindy Gilkerson) has attended a therapy session with Valencia Ravenwood (Angela Ray Clark). Things just have been a little odd, perhaps even odd for her.

She starts off with an event from two weeks ago, as she returned home from a party. She pulled her car up and staggered out (least said about drink driving, probably for the best here) and starts supping straight from a liquor bottle until she pukes. We see this but then hear her say to her therapist about not realising what waited out there for her. We hear bat sounds and she runs, falls and… well as we don’t get the bat on screen we discover through expression and dialogue that she is bitten by a bat.

losing control
Cut forward a week and she is looking in a mirror when her eyes flash red. Her friend Jessica (Frances Bon) calls for her – they are meant to be watching a movie. Jessica starts complaining about how long she has wanted to see the movie – as an aside, why that is an issue is beyond me, after all Kathy’s presence in the room or otherwise does not prevent Jessica from watching a movie. Such musings are irrelevant to Kathy, as is the moaning, for all she can hear is Jessica’s heartbeat and the blood moving through her friend’s veins. Realising something is wrong, Jessica offers to get medicine but Kathy follows her to the kitchen and can’t resist any further…

What will the therapist make of it all? The short is embedded below so you can find out.

The imdb page is here.

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