Monday, June 17, 2019

Short Film: The Day After Dark

This is a film released in 2016 and directed by Damian Morter, which clocks in at 35 minutes. For an independent short it has nice cinematography with confident, crisp photography and plays with some nice, if standard, vampire tropes and imagery. Though the dialogue can come off as a little stagy at times.

It begins, using a nice tracking shot, on the stairs to a night club and the camera follows a woman through the club, until she reaches a seat, turns and sits and the camera goes past her to settle on a man, Robert (Nicholas Vince, Hellraiser & Hellraiser 2: Hellbound) who is making a call – the call comes up on a phone as “caller unknown” and is answered by Christian (Dawson James).

Nicholas Vince as Robert
Christian works for Robert (why the call comes up caller unknown isn’t touched upon) and, after some chat, Robert directs him to a gift. It is a calling card for an escort service, After Dark, and Robert insists Christian take the night off (he says he has figures to run) and experience them – they offer a unique service. Christian does not ring at first but eventually decides to call. We see a car arrive and a woman (Sarah Cragg) enter the hotel.

He invites her into the room but, at first, still seems reluctant, asking if she wants a drink and then whether she is hungry. Eventually he moves to kiss her but she stops him, with a barked order, sits him on a chair and proceeds to perform a lap dance. At the height of the dance we get fangs and a bite. What was nice was her, after the bite, beckoning him to her and, despite holding the wound, him responding.

fang wounds
He awakens in the next day alone and staggers to the bathroom, breaking the tap as he tries to use it and then noticing the fang wounds. As he showers he remembers the sex and biting her arm. He goes to leave the hotel but the sun seems unbearably bright. What we then get is a tale of his turning but I’ll let the short speak for itself. At the time of writing this I couldn’t find an IMDb page but there is a Facebook page.

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