Sunday, April 14, 2019

Short Film: Vampire Chaos

So, when I looked at Eternal Love Lost I suggested that it became the opening of this film – originally named Search for Love Lost and directed by Joey Harlow in 2011. I watched it as Vampire Chaos on Amazon Prime. That film seems to have vanished and reappeared having been renamed Vampire Madness; begging a question of, “Why so many name changes?” I also suggested, when I looked at the short, that this was a feature. I take that back – the 60-minute length actually only containing about 45 minutes of film (including the 15 minutes of the other short) and the rest consisting of credits and outtakes.

In some ways it is lucky that this is a short film, for if I was genuinely reviewing it then it would be taking a fast path to my Worst 100. After the overly serious, bad dialogue and poor delivery of the original short, this cuts to a pair of ‘jokers’ called Bart (Craig Kucken) and Dwane (Don McIntyre) doing a poor Wayne and Garth impression and looking to make Wayne’s World 3. What has this to do with vampires?

Dwane and Bart
Well, apparently, Bart’s “girlfriend” is Heather (Christi Perovski), the doppelganger of the lost love of vampire the Count (Jacob Godzak). Bad wigs, poor acting, atrocious dialogue, casual racism and as funny as a terminal illness. This one’s to be avoided.

The imdb page is here.

If you really can’t avoid it then it is On Demand @ Amazon US and On Demand @ Amazon UK (currently as Vampire Madness, links accurate at time of going to press).

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