Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Honourable Mention: Bad Monsters

So, this was a portmanteau film and the wraparound was directed by Evan Tramel (according to the film credits – IMDb have another director listed), which was released in 2018. The wraparound was in the form of Dracula – or big D – and the Monster sat on Larry the couch as they watched various horror shorts – which we watched too.

The quality of the shorts varied throughout. The best was probably Get Off my Porch, which I had seen before. There was a variant of the “Clown Statue” and babysitter story that has been done a few times as well.

Big D on the couch
None of the shorts were vampire related, so our interest in solely in the cgi wraparound and, honestly, it was fairly blooming awful. The two monsters sit on the couch (which is alive and talks) and speak in crude, puerile ways that I suppose was aimed at being funny but just wasn’t. Not a lot else to say on this one. Being the wraparound, I’ve classed it as a fleeting visitation.

The imdb page is here.

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