Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Short Film: Dracula: The Legend Lives

This is a 7-minute short film, released in 2017 and directed by David Heavener and whilst the title and the IMDb credit gives us the vampire’s name as Dracula, in film the name Drac von Stoller (David Heavener) is used.

It starts with a young girl, Alicia (Emily Knapp), crossing a cemetery and then the memory of her playing Truth or Dare with Mary Beth (Ardena Francis) and Sara Beth (HarmonieRose Heavener). She chooses Dare and picks a dare from a jar full of written dares. The dare is what has sent her to the cemetery.

outside the coffin room
The terms of the dare are read as we follow her. She is to go to find the vampire Drac von Stoller. His lair is in a house located in the cemetery. She must go there before the sun sets at 19:30 (why, oh why, oh why, do they go with 5 minutes left on the clock? Because, of course, there would be precious little horror film left if our protagonists acted sensibly). She must climb the stairs and head for the room at the top of the house where he sleeps, carrying a hammer and stake.

Drac von Stoller
Now, given the brief discussion about names that I offered right at the head of this, we know that the vampire is going to be in residence. The story itself is adapted from a volume of stories called 31 Horrifying Tales of the Dead, one of several books written under the Drac von Stoller Nom de Plume. The main thing to note about the film is the crisp, professional photography that it utilises and the fact that Heavener really looks the part as the vampire.

The imdb page is here.

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