Thursday, June 01, 2017

Short Film: Mito

Mito, a Spanish film directed by Gonzalo López and released in 2013, is only two minutes long but shows that two minutes can be incredibly effective using the right visual shorthand and decent photography and effects. That shorthand is vital as the film eschews dialogue and, instead, opts for a silent approach.

I caught the film on Amazon Prime, however I did note that there were purchasing options that I want to highlight as I am unsure what in the world would make anyone think asking £7.99 for the purchase of a two-minute film is anywhere near correct – no matter how good those two minutes are. Rather, this film could stand being picked up into an anthology – especially something like the ABC series, where its length is about right for the collection.

So, the film begins with a pov camera entering a cinema screen. The cinema is empty bar a young couple and the film on display is Dracula. As the two laugh we see the boy has fangs and is a vampire himself. The girl may be oblivious to this but not to his insistent hands as he tries to seduce her. Suddenly we see a figure rise before them in a cape.

slit throat
Which perhaps, to offer a mystery, is where I would normally stop my description and, indeed, going any further would describe the whole of the very short film. But I need to express a view on the visual effects and, so, spoil I must. A flick of a hand replete with sharp nails and the boy’s throat is slit, blood pouring.

The girl runs, falls outside the screen and is bitten. But it is the blood effects I want to mention. If the slit throat looked impressive it has nothing on the bite. The blood washes over her and clearly the vampire has hit the carotid artery as blood spurts impressively in a pulsing manner. To the SFX artist(s) involved I say bravo.

The imdb page is here.

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