Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Honourable Mention: Call me Crazy

Call me Crazy is a 14-minute short film directed by Adam Orton and gets an Honourable Mention due to the type of “vampirism”. It would be unfair, perhaps, to call primary character Michelle Gust (Jessica Denney) a serial killer as she has only killed the once but perhaps fledgling serial killer would be accurate.

The film starts with news reports about Michelle who, at 15 years old, stabbed her boyfriend 74 times, drank his blood and posted a picture of herself, with the body in the background, on social media. We get, in this section, the atypical talking heads that appear during this sort of incident.

Jessica Denney as Michelle
Cut forward and Michelle is incarcerated in the Dryzcimski Home for Troubled Youths and, when we see her, she is eating popcorn as she, and her fellow inmates, watch a public domain cartoon. The guy next to her as his hand round her shoulder. Into the room comes Isaac (Chris Pagnozzi) and he makes a beeline for the empty chair on the other side of her. He extricates his rival’s arm and puts his own around her shoulder.

Chris Pagnozzi as Issac
He offers her an animal cracker, she wonders where he got them from but he knows a guy. He mentions the upcoming dance and she is negative and mentions that she is a vampire. He dismisses this as he is a cannibal but he still likes to dance. The rival tries to put his arm around her again and Isaac bites his hand, drawing blood – this impresses Michelle. Isaac is dragged away but is determined to get to the dance. However, is he all he seems?

social media
This is a quirky, dark romance at heart and, of course, Michelle is not a vampire as such but is a killer and drank her victim’s blood. She seems proud of the label.

The imdb page is here.

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