Friday, August 05, 2016

Honourable Mention: Halloween Hell

This was a 2014 film directed by Ed Hunt and starts with a group of people walking into a room in a storage place with a camera and flashlights. In the room is a fetish, we discover later it is a so-called devil doll. A demon (Andre Edwards) does emerge from it and kills all of those who found it.

The rest of the film, set years later, sees a group locked in with the doll for a reality TV show. It is Halloween and a full moon and they have to survive 24 hours after which they’ll each receive $100,000. The group are Johnny (Evan Bittencourt), the nerd, Gothia (Lola Klimenteva), a Russian stripper, Toby (Paul Stanko), a wannabe country singer, Jessy (Elizabeth Peterson), the girl next door, Mr Jones (Sebastien Charmant), the cool one, and Rose (Kriss Dozal) a Mexican nursing student. So, you may ask, what has this got to do with vampires??

Eric Roberts acting as Dracula
The host of the show is Dracula (Eric Roberts). It is Halloween and so you’d think he was using a persona (such is suggested late in the film) though the blurb suggests he believes that he is Dracula. He keeps the participants locked in even when they start to die and encourages betting on the outcome. He manages to come out with a variant of the “children of the night” line amongst others. So, acting as a vampire and actually a major character doing so – the film itself is poor, however.

The imdb page is here.

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