Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Revisit: Blood Bath

As there has been a UK Blu-Ray release of this film (set at Region A and B) I thought I’d revisit it. However, don’t go looking for the film under the title "Blood Bath" on the blog. I reviewed it under the title Track of the Vampire.

Now, Track of the Vampire is a stinker of a movie – I scored it 0.5 out of 10 – so why on earth would you want the Blu-Ray? Well that goes a little way down to the title change and mostly because the Blu-Ray makes an honestly fascinating set for any student of cinema.

the vampire
Blood Bath was a Roger Corman production – he had invested in the Yugoslavian film called Operation Titan and it was eventually released under four names with different cuts. It was cut for drive-ins under the name Portrait in Terror, reshoots led to it becoming the vampire film Blood Bath and then a TV edit was created by cutting and adding scenes and creating Track of the Vampire. The double Blu-Ray set contains all four cuts (or as near as can be got to the original four cuts).

Blood Bath itself is shorter than Track of the Vampire and is missing some of the odder and more ponderous moments – this leads to a smoother, more coherent watch (and gets rid of the 8 minutes of interpretive dance on the beach, thankfully). This makes it a more satisfying film (perhaps worth 1.5 or even 2 out of 10, rather than the score I previously gave Track of the Vampire). The Blu-Ray comes in a slip case that also contains a booklet and a double-sided poster. All in all a great set for the collector (though not for the casual viewer) and an interesting insight into the exploitative practices surrounding schlock horror film production.

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