Friday, June 24, 2016

Short Film: The Audition

Director: Ryan Shovey

Release date: 2013

Contains spoilers

When I look at a short film I try my best not to spoil it. When it comes in at just over 7 minutes that can be difficult. However when your IMDb page holds the description: “An actress on her way to a late-night audition in New Orleans is cornered by a gang of seedy men before she reveals a supernatural secret which stops them dead in their tracks.” And when said character is listed as Paige Alucard (Courtney Lacombe), well all bets are off – even if your twist is who is predator and who is prey.

the gang
So, as the IMDb page suggests Paige is walking through the streets of New Orleans, late at night, on her way to an audition. She’s on the phone to the person who has set up the audition, one Gary Brams (Pedro Lucero). Slowly a gang of men fall in behind her, keeping their distance as they work out whether she is their target. She enters a parking garage (bemused that it is the location of the audition). It becomes clear that Gary is the one who set these men upon her as he messages them to confirm her as the target.

They catcall as they approach her and she, at first, runs until she tries to get through a door that is locked. They beat her and a comment is made about not playing with their food. But, after the beating, she laughs and then she lets her true nature take over… Which is being a vampire, of course, and the film is embedded so you can watch the thugs get their comeuppance. The short itself is neatly put together. I liked the muted colour scheme with occasional vibrancy in the reds. The imdb page is here.

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