Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Kickstarter: Odd Creatures among Us

This is a crowdsourced project that has just come to my attention. A proposed short film the synopsis suggests:

We like to think that we are all-knowing. We know our family, know our friends, our co-workers, our city. The whole, unremarkable everyday routine that we live in. But what if not the world is the one that's dull, only we are blind to its wonders? It's a nice thing to think about, right? That magic and fairies are just as real, as the sleeping homeless guy on the morning bus. Well, as far as I know, he just might be the chief wizard of the district. Unbelievable? Maybe.

Mark never had the luxury to think like the rest of us. He always knew, there are other beings out there. More than human. Hell, he's even supposed to become one of them. At least everyone tells him, that he will – sometime, in the future. But Mark isn't the patient type...

But then, why should he be? Why does he have a great big brother, like David, if not for looking out for him, right? He can do any stupid stuff, and David's going to save his butt. That's what brothers are for! And on most of the days Mark would be right. But then there are those days, when the stars just don't align the right way. Or the moon is fuller then it should be. A lot can go wrong when you're playing with magic. And sometimes even having the best brother won't save you.

This is their story. And ours. Office clerks, construction workers, dealers, accountants, cops. Werewolves, vampires, magic spirits, take a pick! What, you don't think these things really live in your world? Maybe you just didn't look well enough into the shadows! Join us, let's take a look!

I'd urge you to take a look at the show-reel at the head of the kickstarter page, I found the voice over great fun. One thing I particularly liked about this is the fact that, no matter the amount you pledge, all backers will get to see the film online. Too often, with crowdsourcing, the filmmakers expect you’d back the film and not get to see it unless you have paid a high amount. If I back a film I want to see it. I have backed this one but for yourselves, please remember, pledging is done at your own risk.

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