Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Short Film: Now that you’re Dead

This was a short film of 14 minutes length, dating back to 2009 and directed by Patrick Rea. It’s one that has a nice little turnaround in it, which I won’t spoil, though the twist of the vampires that comes before that is obvious given that I’m looking at the film here.

Aaron Laue as Ronald
It begins with a couple in bed, Meredith (Meagan Flynn) and Ronald (Aaron Laue). They are fooling around under the covers and eventually Meredith asks the time. Its 4:30 AM and Meredith mentions that the sun is due to rise at 6:30 and Ronald suggests his wife is due home at 5:30. Meredith mentions divorce and that fact that he doesn’t need money. There is a noise downstairs and Ronald realises that she is back early and has Meredith hide in the closet.

Jennifer Plas as Elaine
Elaine (Jennifer Plas) comes in and switches the light on. Ronald’s implicit lie, that he has been woken up, is destroyed by the fact that she has noticed a cigarette burning in the ashtray. She asks who is in the closet and produces a gun. She shoots at the closet door, and then opens it to see Meredith lying dead. She tells Ronald that she has two bullets left, one for him and one for herself and then suggests that she’ll use both on Ronald.

behind you
Having got the bodies into her car she drives to a riverside. As she drives she tells Ronald’s corpse all that she feels about him. She drags his body out of the car, mentioning that this was the place where they would stay up and watch the sun rise together and noticing two small bleeding punctures on Ronald’s neck. There is a noise from the car and she checks Meredith’s corpse. Suddenly Meredith's eyes open and Elaine shoots her again. When she turns around Ronald’s corpse has gone. Of course Meredith is a vampire and she has turned Ronald.

fangs on show
Which is where I’ll leave the description and let you watch the outcome yourself. It is a well put together little short with a black humour running through the script. The principles are all good and the turnaround fun. Definitely worth taking 14 minutes out of your time to watch it.

The imdb page is here.


Holly said...

Ha, they got what they deserved! A fun little short film, thanks for sharing it.

Taliesin_ttlg said...

Hey Holly, thanks for stopping by and commenting