Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The First Vampire – review at Vamped

Author: John Davies

 First Published: 2014

The blurb: In his riveting debut novel, The First Vampire, John Davies provides an alarmingly plausible explanation of why and how the first human was transformed into a vampire, against a backdrop of factual Eastern European history.

In 1414, a priest and gifted singer from the Curtea de Arges region of Wallachia unknowingly set a chain of events in motion, which had the potential to cause catastrophic ramifications for centuries after.

Forty-eight years later, Vlad Dracula returned home to Curtea de Arges after a great battle in which he slaughtered fifteen thousand Muslims. Triumph turned to tragedy when he learned that his turncoat brother, Radu, was lurking in the region. Dracula was about to face his greatest nemesis ever.

Twenty-first-century, reluctant college sophomore, Kristi Johnson, is in a desperate race against time to save her family from complete disintegration. Her father commits the ultimate unspeakable act, and Kristi is forced to find answers immediately. Out of nowhere comes an unexpected possible solution—in the form of her unusual classmate, Alex.

The paths of the priest, the warlord, and the college kid are set on the collision course from hell in this fascinating blend of history, myth, and undying love.

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