Monday, November 09, 2015

Short Film: Lady Killer

Director: Walter Boholst

Release Date: 2003

Contains spoilers

the magazine

A short film that tries to push the stereotype buttons in order that we assume its direction, this short runs for just over 8 minutes. It starts with a news magazine cover that shows us the victim of a serial killer known as the “Lady Killer” the victim has fang wounds. The magazine is in a house into which, returning from a first date, comes a man (Jorge R. Serrano) and a woman (Camille Francisco). It is his house and she seems reluctant to come in at first but he suggests one drink (and maybe a bite) and she capitulates.

home from the date
All the clues point at him – he lives on Red Lake Road, near where the last victim was found, his furniture is covered to prevent it from getting messy. She asks how someone could do such a thing to another human and he suggests the killer isn’t human (and he believes in vampires, he says). Interesting point, however, is that whilst some media lore suggests that vampires are another species or a mutation or aliens, the majority lore is that they are human – they are dead/undead normally but they are human.

would a pencil save you
She suggests that if he were a vampire then she would kill him – she holds up a pencil as a weapon and suggests she would stab him with it. He makes a comment about not breaking his heart on a first date… but with everything pointing at him it is clear to the viewer that there must be a twist… Is there? You’ll have to watch the short. The film could have done with better lighting but otherwise it is a competent enough short.

The imdb page is here.

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