Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Vampires: the Final Hunt – review

Author: Charles E Butler

First Published: 2015

Contains spoilers

This is the fourth vampire review book by Charles E Butler, the others being the Romance of Dracula, Vampires Everywhere and Vampires Under the Hammer.

The book very much expands on the previous volumes, the first part expands on the Romance of Dracula adding in additional reviews of films not included in that volume. The second part expands on Vampires Everywhere and takes a more international approach that was perhaps missed in the earlier volume due to rushing to meet self-imposed deadlines. The book concludes with the author’s review of Let the Right One In and if I have a personal complaint it is that Let Me In is only mentioned in passing within that review. Unfortunately missed from Vampires Under the Hammer the film is significantly different enough from the Swedish film to deserve looking at in its own right.

Like in the previous volumes the author has taken the decision to eschew indexing or referencing making the book less useful as a reference book but that isn’t really the point of this series of books. Very much so they are a labour of love, as a fan of the genre exposes his readers to his love of the genre. That is what makes the books ultimately; the real passion that they display. 7.5 out of 10.

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