Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Crowdsourcing News

A couple of new Crowdsourcing projects to highlight – and these two are ones I have backed myself, though the caveat at the side stands… All crowdsourcing projects are for awareness purposes and not an endorsement of the product, support is given at the reader's own risk.

With that out of the way the first is a film called Loving the vampyre. Here’s the blurb:

"...The lives of two sets of lovers become entangled. One of them happen to be Vampires; the other, road crash survivors – leaving the wife in a coma.
The Vampires want out, craving the grave.
The other yearns to live the life now denied them.

Could their desperate situations actually hold the key to each other’s’ salvation..?

•The Vampire Lovers 〜
Burnt at the stake for their illicit love in 1482 and damned to an eternity of living death, Vampires Lady Anne & her Maid Lillibeth have haunted the woods since and now crave the release of death… And if being burnt at the stake wasn’t enough they were never much good at being vampires either! Finding it impossible to hurt anyone or suck their blood. For 500 years they’ve wandered the forest hoping for someone to have an accident or living off roadkill!

•The Human Lovers 〜
Doting husband, Peter, cares for his wife, Emma, who lies comatose in a high dependence hospital ward. He sits with her, talks to her, reads to her. He makes audio recordings of their old haunts and plays them to her. Miraculously, one recording from a favourite romantic spot in the woods momentarily wakes Emma! She mouths for “Help…”

But is it her asking..? Or has Peter captured something else on that tape… …Someone else..?

If that tweeks your interest you can find out more at the kickstarter page, the facebook page is here.

The second project… well let me just say I make no apologies for wanting to back it. The silliness factor alone makes it worthwhile.

Vamprechaun 3D!!! (not, incidentally, an April Fool)

Again I’ll offer the blurb: What happens when an evil, greedy, wicked little leprechaun is bitten by a blood-thirsty Vampire? A bizarre twist on two classic horror monster legends results in a new and original horror creature that represents the worst in both monster breeds. A horrific, malevolent blood-sucker that will thrill contemporary audiences worldwide, while scaring them out of their seats….. Vamprechaun!

A little, evil leprechaun searches for the most precious mineral on earth, more valuable than platinum or gold. A rare substance called... Red-Gold! This precious mineral is known only to exist in the deep, dark, hidden caverns in Ireland and guarded by magical Red Vampire Bats...

...our leprechaun, in his quest to acquire this Red-Gold discovers its hidden location... only to be bitten by one of the Red Vampire Bats that transforms him into a...


...when "Natural Selection" goes horribly wrong, a new blockbuster Comedy Horror Franchise is born...

Vamprechaun! -"Short in Stature, Long in Fang"

This one has an Indiegogo page and the facebook page can be found here.

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