Saturday, December 21, 2013

Honourable Mention: Imps*

Imps* stands for The Immoral Minority Picture Show and was written and directed by Scott Mansfield, who perhaps shouldn’t have bothered. It was clearly shot in the early 1980s (actually it was 1983, I believe) though it was only released in 2009 and I guess was originally meant to make a stand against the totalitarian pronunciations of the so-called Moral Majority.

In essence it was a skit show stretched to just under 80 minutes and had "edgy" jokes around body odour and made fun of series like Friday the thirteenth and horror film heroines that do what and go where they shouldn’t (some thirteen years pre-Scream). The latter led to the skit of a film called Don’t Scream on my Face, with Linda Blair that pre-empted Edgar Wright’s spoof trailer for the Grindhouse movie. This was one of the best bits of the film, though that hardly says much.

John Carradine... why, oh, why?
However a lot of the jokes were racist, to the point of offence… Now that might have been the point and offensive humour can be done that is funny but this really wasn’t. The first black man on the moon, for instance, was just cringe-worthy (whereas the same concept in the movie Iron Sky was genius). The Polish jokes were just as bad – one of which involved John Carradine and another about screwing in a light bulb.

so, Dracula walks into a bar...
Of course, there was a vampire moment in it although it was a blink and you miss it moment with Count Dracula (James Sikking) – a famous vampire, as the skit advert tells us. Dracula claims that he has to alter his taste if he wants to keep his figure and that is why he now drinks Light Blood… yes it is a low calorie beer advert, for blood and that’s that. Well other than us seeing Dracula about to put the bite on a young lady and admitting he only uses the Light Blood as a supplement.

bite time
My sides are splitting… not. I don’t know why they ever bothered to release this. It perhaps should have remained consigned to the dustbin of cinematic history. However it was released and it has a vampire in it – if only for a fleeting visitation – and thus it gets a mention here.

The imdb page is here.

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