Monday, October 07, 2013

Crowd-sourcing: Tales of Dracula

I spotted another vampire film that has gone done the crowd-sourcing route. This time it is a monster mash entitled Tales of Dracula and it has used the funding site Indiegogo.

As you’ll see from the trailer (embedded below) it is black and white and a definite homage to the old Universal staples. Frankenstein’s Monster, the wolfman and Dracula all appear as well as a vampire bride.

The crowd-sourcing has a range of perks available and starts at $5. As always, this article is for information only and anyone who chooses to contribute does so at their own risk. However, do go and visit their sourcing page and have a look and, at the very least, give their Facebook page a like.


MonsterGuy D said...

Tales Of Dracula film won’t see the light of day until sometime in 2015, but that’s because Joe DeMuro and company are taking great pains to release a high quality movie. Every frame of this movie screams “labor of love:” It was made by fans, for fans, and is chock full of homages to dozens of Universal and Hammer classics.Please see Tales Of Dracula Facebook for updates

MonsterGuy D said...

Tales of Dracula ! film premiering at the June 2015 Monster Bash Conference You can get show tickets in advance here : This show is for fans of classic Horror. Be the first to get your Tickets!

Thomas Rice said...

I'm the guy behind all the effects, half the music, all the audio/video editing, and such, and would like to invite anyone who can, come to this event in Binghamton, NY at 30 Front Street to the Roberson Museum, on the 24th of this month of April, one week away, for the premier. It's a red carpet even with wine, cheese, and various food stuffs, and half the proceeds from ticket sales goes directly to the Museum. Thanks for talking about it and spreading the word!