Friday, August 16, 2013

Honourable Mention: The Cleveland Show: A Nightmare on Grace Street

I am not the biggest fan of the Cleveland Show. I wonder if I haven’t given it enough time but, try as I might, it just doesn’t hit the parts that Family Guy does for me.

Having said that, this 2011 Halloween special had a vampire aspect and so I dutifully watched it. As you can tell, by the fact it is getting an Honourable Mention, it hadn’t really got much of a vampire aspect.

The “A” story saw Cleveland (Mike Henry) and Rallo (also Mike Henry) forced to spend Halloween in a haunted house, whilst a disgruntled neighbour, Donny (Danny Smith), lost it and became an axe wielding maniac. That was ok but it is the “B” story we are concerned about. New boy in school, Edwin (Glenn Howerton), is too cool for the local girls but Donna (Sanaa Lathan) realises it is because he is a vampire and decides to gain his affection.

I know what you are
Having leapt off a cliff, to get him to save her from peril and be hers, she is rescued (albeit disgruntledly) by Caleb (Will Forte). Realising it is a full moon, she suddenly decides he is a werewolf. Eventually she puts the two in a room on their own, to fight over her, but a peek inside shows that Caleb is on top… but they aren’t fighting. A brief appearance by a gay Frankenstein’s Monster is accompanied with the rider that not all gays are monsters but all monsters are gay.

go team Edwin, please... go
So that is it. A cheap poke at Twilight, which is like (as I have said before) shooting fish in a barrel and a guy mistaken as a vampire. Not much of an episode but, as I intimated at the head, I think the show lacks a certain bite generally.

The episode’s imdb page is here.

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