Monday, August 26, 2013

Holy Knight (part 1 & 2) – review

Director: Jiro Fujimoto

First aired: 2012

Contains spoilers

Holy Knight is a (so far) two part ova, each part being just under 30 minutes. The lead character Lilith Kishimoto (Maaya Uchida) reminded me, design wise, of Moka from the anime Rosario and Vampire but, aside from a school uniform, pink hair and cross at the neck the two characters are very different. Artistically Lilith is branded on the chest also.

The animation begins in a setting that seems medieval and a town is attacked. As Lilith’s parents try to repel the knights, Lilith is sent away in a boat. Her parents die making her the last Strigoï. Cut forward to modern times and, having been raised by her Aunty Camilla (Yukari Kokubun) – a moroi, Lilith is sent to Japan as a foreign exchange student. Her goal is to seduce a shy young man named Tokoroten Mizumara (Hiro Shimono).

Her presence has led to vampire hunters from the order that attacked her village being there (the fact that the opening scenes seemed medieval makes the fact that they seem to be the same knights now in modern Japan seem odd, to say the least). Camilla is close at hand, and has the ability to turn into a bat, and Lilith has a dog (who is really a werewolf, it appears) as a guardian. Tokoroten also has a guardian, though he doesn’t know it, who takes the form of a cat. We discover that the brand on her chest was put there by the moroi.

mystical sword
Lilith has to sleep with him as he is the last of the Romualds, a family of vampire hunters. Her aim is to become pregnant by him, she will then bathe in the blood of him and the baby as that will allow the Strigoï to survive. Suffice it to say the two episodes that have been produce get nowhere near that point and this is where the show is disappointing – the story is thin and partial, it needs the length of a series to blossom and the two episodes don’t really get anywhere. Will there be more? For now that is unknown but as a two part ova this only deserves 3.5 out of 10.

At the time of review there is no imdb page.

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