Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New Film – Elizabeth Bathory

I’ve been contacted by the creative forces behind a proposed new film about Erzsébet Báthory. There have been two recent Báthory films, The Countess and Bathory but, realising that neither were horror genre as such, they have seen a gap in the market for a Báthory film catering to the horror fan. Here is the synopsis:

The Bath
In sixteenth century Hungary a woman, Anika, is in prison with an eccentric woman, Katarina, who tells horrific tales of the Countess Elizabeth Bathory and her brutal torturing and killing of virgin girls before drinking and bathing in their blood. Realizing that they are to be Elizabeth’s next victims and that Katarina is the only person she has now, Anika befriends her and opens up to her about her troubled past. They devise a plan to escape but they soon find out that neither is who the other thinks she is.

Tilke Hill tries her teeth
Filming is set begin in May 2013. The premiere is scheduled for this October in Buffalo, NY. The script was written by Elizabeth Nixon and Andrew Nixon and will star Tilke Hill and Kathleen Denecke. Elizabeth Nixon will also direct the film. You can see an example of the Nixons’ previous work here.

The film is being kickstarter funded and the kickstarter page is here, the film's homepage is here. I’ve embedded the trailer below and wish Elizabeth and Andrew the best of luck with their project.


Harald Sack said...

According to history, Elizabeth Báthory was probably the most prolific female serial killer in history. Today (August 7), its her 453rd birthday and the cruelty of her evil deeds is still remembered today. Nevertheless, one should be careful to connect her to the vampire myth, because this will make her an idolized icon and potential role model...what for god's sake should be prevented...There's more to read about Báthory in our daily history of science, technology, end arts blog: http://yovisto.blogspot.de/2012/08/the-legend-of-elizabeth-bathory-blood.html

Taliesin_ttlg said...

Harold, to be fair she is allegedly the most prolific female serial killer in history. Of the two films mentioned in this post one of them, Bathory, goes to great pains to show she was not the killer painted but was framed for political reasons enabled by her gender.

As for her connection with the vampire myth, that was connected decades ago and you cannot undo that connection.

Was she a vampire, no, did she believe (in the popular version of her tale) that she was a vampire, again no - she would more likely have been indulging in a form of sorcery.

Is she inextricably linked to vampirism, yes.

Will this make her an idolized icon... will it heck, baring those who would find any negative historical figure/myth/icon and hook their existing neurosis to it.