Sunday, April 28, 2013

Honourable Mention: Kill Zombie!

This was a 2012 Dutch horror comedy directed by Martijn Smits and Erwin van den Eshof, that probably had more in common with Cockneys Vs Zombies than Shaun of the Dead and perhaps contained more than a little smattering of Sars Wars.

Now that is not to say that this has zompires or zombies that might be vampires. These are definitely zombies and the vampire aspect appears at the very end of the movie. My thanks to Leila for alerting me to the film.

main "heroes"
The story centres on Aziz (Yahya Gaier) an office worker who hates his job, and the fact that his brother Mo (Mimoun Ouled Radi) keeps phoning him from a pool party. The one ray of light is that a beautiful co-worker wants to go on a date with him. Unfortunately his boss has designs on her and so sacks him for his personal phone calls (from Mo). He heads to the pool party to confront Mo but an accident with a ball causes some “tension” with a pair of guys called Jeffery (Sergio Hasselbaink) and Nolan (Uriah Arnhem). They end up in police cells along with bank worker Joris (Noel Deelen). During the night they hear an explosion and the lights go out.

zombie on a mobility scooter
A Russian space station has crashed into Aziz’ office building, carrying with it a green space moss that turns liquid on Earth and infects people with a virus that sends them homicidal. That said, the zombies are undead (not just infected) and their bodily fluids are green. A bite will pass on the infection – though a person killed accidentally by crossbow bolt automatically turns and thus it seems they may all be infected (though I doubt the film thought that far ahead). In the morning the lights are back on and the cells open. They leave to find a city in chaos and are confronted by a mobility scooter riding zombie. Rescue comes in the form of female cop Kim (Gigi Ravelli). There are safe zones but Aziz has had a phone call from the office girl, she’s alive and he wants them all to save her. Meanwhile Joris has access to the bank…

So, vampires… No spoiler to say that some of our heroes reach the safe zone, head back in and then get back to the safe zone again. However, when they return and enter the army tents that guard the safe zone – now mysteriously unmanned at the perimeter, they find that many of the army have become vampires (we also saw a bat fly past the heroes as they entered the area, presumably a vampire too.)

stakes at the ready
A quick production of stakes (where they got them from is irrelevant – it’s that sort of film) – and a comment from Aziz that he hates vampires and the heroes… Do nothing as the film ends, it’s a tiny coda piece. Vampires were mentioned earlier, as were werewolves, when they were discussing how to kill the zombies (silver bullets are mentioned) and that is it, a fleeting visitation. As for the core film, I rather liked it as a silly comedy. Scenes such as them trapped on the top of a kid’s climbing frame surrounded by zombies were amusing. The imdb page is here.

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