Saturday, March 09, 2013

Honourable Mention: Secret Diary of a Call Girl

This show was not one I watched but needs must when a vampire makes an appearance – even if it is only make believe.

The show was based on the popular books and blog by the pseudonymous "Belle de Jour" and followed the life of Hannah, also known as Belle (Billie Piper), a high class call girl. This episode, which was the seventh of the fourth season, was the penultimate episode of the full series run.

So, we have a call girl… but a vampire…

Billie Piper as Belle
During this episode we find Belle in a hotel room, dressed in romanticised night attire, and there is a knock at the door. The hotel staff member has wheeled up her client – in a coffin. They struggle getting the coffin off the trolley and, with a tip in hand, the staff member leaves. The coffin opens revealing our vampire.

Fantasy Vampire
The vampire is, in fact, a film critic named Ambrose (Alex Lowe) and the vampire and victim (indeed he names himself Dracula) is his fantasy. As false fangs splutter out and a recorded wolf howls Belle barely contains a straight face. However…

black and white moment is to be a final performance for Ambrose who dies (we see him back in the coffin and then wheeled out by ambulance men). His death leaves Belle upset and open to the advances of another character, Harry (Paul Nicholls). As they talk by the Thames she sees Ambrose for a second but it is just her imagination. Harry takes her to the top of a building blindfolded, thereafter, worth mentioning only because Bela Lugosi is Dead by Bauhaus plays on the soundtrack.

A fleeting visitation of someone pretending to be a vampire for role play purposes. The episode's imdb page is here.


Kuudere-Kun said...

I could think a Man hiring a Call Girl for a Vampire Fantasy would be more interesting in playing the Victim.

I'd have her be Comtesse Marcian Gregory.

Taliesin_ttlg said...

I guess it is each to their opwn but I see what you mean ;)