Friday, January 11, 2013

Honourable Mention: Wilhelm the Dwarf Vampire

This was a short film from 2011 that was directed by Carsum Din and features George Appleby in the title role.

It begins with a coffin and Wilhelm awakening, he goes to the kitchen for some bottled blood and is cleaning his teeth when a man approaches the stately home and knocks at the door. He is Jekyll (Sezer Unver) and Hyde (Dean Bamford) and informs Wilhelm that it is his last chance and should he fail he’ll be banished forever.

Wilhelm with his victim
Last chance at what? We see Wilhelm practising on a statue and realise he is just a little too short to reach the neck. But nevertheless it is out into the night and looking for a victim. Could the woman (Joanna Ryan) who is slightly worse for wear for drink provide him with the blood he needs?

Well, if you want to find out I have embedded Wilhelm below and the imdb page is here.

Wilhelm the Dwarf Vampire from Brendan O'Neill on Vimeo.

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