Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Honourable Mention: Blood soldier: Interrogation

This is a short from 2011, directed by Jake Thornton and seems to be a test piece for something larger – at least I hope so.

It begins with a pipe and we realise we are in some form of bunker, visions of a woman (Siri Baruc, Blood Angels) flit across the screen, she laughs happily. Captain Marcus Cole (Neil Jackson, Blade the Series, The Thirst & Vampyre Nation) bolts awake from his dream, he throws up and the vomit is composed of blood.

Mandy Amano as Vasquez
Colonel E Stracken (John Knox, Vampire Vixens from Venus) is interrupted in his paperwork by Thalia "Desert Cobra" Vasquez (Mandy Amano) who tells him the new Captain is awake. I have to say I loved the sci-fi look they gave her, at odds with the Afghanistan story setting but it worked well. Stracken has a file on Cole.

Layla Alizada as Leena
Cole is placed in a room, there is a table and a couple of chairs. He notices cameras and Stracken speaks to him via a microphone. He explains that Cole is now a dangerous weapon and this is a test of loyalty. Vasquez brings in a gagged woman, Leena (Layla Alizada), and from the interaction between Cole and Vasquez it is clear they have met before. Before she leaves the interrogation room she cuts at Leela with a combat knife, opening shallow wounds and licks the blood from the knife.

The Squad
Outside, Vasquez and two others, William "Bull" Hawking (Anthony Ray Parker , Xena Warrior Princess: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun) and Theo "Dire Wolf" Valance (Jeff Schine), comment on how Cole will do. Stracken explains to Cole that she is an insurrectionist, an enemy combatant. She holds information they need and Cole must get it out of her before he kills her.

will he have self control?
Given the fact that this is TMtV, you know he is now a vampire but will he kill the woman… You can find out in the embedded short below. I was rather impressed; it is only a teaser, a taste of a larger story, but it is a story I’d like to see.

The imdb page is here.

Blood Soldiers: Interrogation from Stone Tiger Productions on Vimeo.

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