Monday, August 06, 2012

Music: Dick Venom & the Terrortones

At the weekend I saw (for the second time) up and coming horrorpunk band Dick Venom & the Terrortones. With their tongue firmly wedged in cheek and an over the top performance by Dick Venom himself, they were great fun.

I promised Dick I’d give a little shout out here. Their first EP (and the title track thereof) is Rockin Rollin Vampire Man. A collection of three songs it boasts a well-illustrated story of the Rockin Rollin Vampire Man as the insert booklet.

Bats are not forgotten, as the lyrics state:

I got pet bats in the pantry
Pet bats in the cave
Pet bats in the pit of my pants
Pet bats on the brain.

But let’s hear it from the man himself:

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