Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dampyr Vol. 2: Night Tribe – review

Written by: Mauro Boselli & Maurizio Colombo

Translation by: Goran Marinic

Art by: Majo

First Published: 2005 (English translation)

Contains spoilers

The blurb: After their near-fatal encounter with Gorka, the powerful master of the night, the unlikely trio of half human/half-vampire Harlan Draka, the beautiful vampire Tesla and tough warrior Kurjak prepare to face him once more. Visions sent to Draka draw the trio ever closer to their foe, and this time it is a bloody, horrifying fight to the death where only one can survive…

The review: I looked at the first volume of Dampyr – Devil’s Son – some time ago and have finally got around to getting the second volume.

I said, with regards the first book, that there was some familiarity within the opening story premise. By this volume the story is very much on its own path and this volume is a succinct little story that brings the Gorka story to a conclusion and teases out a little of Harlan’s parentage and the overarching story that this feeds into.

Lore wise we are told that not all vampire victims rise and that a Master of the Night turns someone into one of his servant vampires by draining them and then injecting a substance into their veins. This ties them to the Master so that, for instance, though Tesla has rebelled against Gorka he can still assume control of her.

If I had a complaint it was that the new antagonists, created by Gorka ,were wafer thin as characters. But, to be fair, they were there as plot device only. 7 out of 10.

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