Saturday, May 12, 2012

Honourable Mention: Sanctuary Season 3

As I did with Season 2, I have decided to look at Sanctuary season 3 (which first aired 2010/2011) as an honourable mention.

There is one specific vampire episode but erstwhile vampire Nikola Tesla (Jonathon Young) does recur through the series – in the first episode looking for a way to regain his vampirism. Of course he and main character Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping), as well as three other recurring characters (two restricted to flashbacks), gained their individual unique abilities whilst at Oxford, during Victoria’s reign, by injecting themselves with pure vampire blood (or source blood). Finally there are several episodes set around or connected to Hollow Earth – a place where the Praxians (the first great human civilisation) rule. The Praxians’ great enemy was the vampire nation and they have vampire detection and booby trap technology.

Tesla and Magnus
The specific vampire episode, Awakening, sees Magnus and Tesla exploring a deserted surface based Praxian stronghold. Because it is Praxian they both wear cloaking bracelets to hide the vampire DNA, which they both carry, from any defence sensors. When they get in, however, they discover that the stronghold had been taken and usurped by vampires and it now seems deserted.

Afina preserved
Magnus realises what that means and removes her bracelet but Tesla is scanned and shot (by a laser) as he doesn’t register as vampire. Though he has lost his vampirism (and so cannot heal) he still has the power of magnetism and is able to hold his wound together, just. However he is dying. Luckily, Magnus discovers that the chamber contains the last vampire queen, Afina (Aliyah O'Brien). She is preserved, it appears, for the ages.

Afina and Tesla
After some messing around with technology, and bashing at the amber like cocoon that contains the vampire with a rock, Magnus is able to draw off some source blood and injects Tesla with it – restoring his vampirism and allowing him to heal. However the Queen isn’t preserved, she was in stasis and is soon up and about. She also has a vampire army in stasis, awaiting her awakening, and humans are of course food and subjects to be subjugated…

So a busty vampire queen… you’ll get no arguments from me on that score and, as always, Sanctuary provided some fine viewing. The imdb page is here.

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