Friday, February 03, 2012

Daylight Fades – review revisited

The film Daylight Fades has just received a UK DVD release. You might recall my review of the film, it is a romance, rather than horror; but beyond anything else it is a rather well shot Indie flick.

I was contacted by executive producer Ryan Watt who let me know that the film was coming out on DVD over here. Ryan also told me that the film had been edited by about 8 minutes from the initial screener. In my original review I had said that “the film perhaps was a little over long” and so was keen to see the new cut and it does flow better and does not suffer at all for the editing. I was, once again, struck by the performance of Rachel Kimsey as bad vampire Raven and want to give her performance that little bit more praise.

All in all, I think my original score still stands, but the film is that little more robust for the new editing.

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