Friday, August 19, 2011

There and back again...

No post today as myself and my better half nipped over to Whitby for the day and as it is a rather long drive, plus the great day we had exploring the nooks and crannies of Whitby, I'm afraid I'm only offering you this holding post tonight.

But, as I said, a great day was had in Whitby, as always. I picked up the leather coat I’ve been lusting after for about five years as a treat for myself and I also bought the little volume I’ve illustrated this post with; Vampires: a BITE-sized history by Judyth A McLeod. A pocket sized book it caught my eye as it is a padded-cloth bound hardback with silver edged paper and a place ribbon. All in all a cute little volume.

Talking of cute, Sarah picked up the vampire salt and pepper shakers reproduced below (with my arms in the background). These seem to be going over a bundle on facebook and I thought I’d share over here.

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