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Master of Mosquiton – ‘Til death do us O-Part – review

Director: Yusuke Yamamoto

Release date: 1996

Contains spoilers

This is a 6 episode OVA series set in the 1920s and featuring the vampire Mosquiton (Takehito Koyasu).

At the head of the series we discover that the young girl Inaho (Yuka Imai), who is 17 through the show, resurrected the vampire as a precursor to her quest to find the O-Part – a mystical device that she believes will grant her immortality and eternal youth. The drop of blood she used to resurrect Mosquiton has tied him to her in a blood bond.

a corrective stake
As the series progresses we discover that drinking more than the little drop used to resurrect him unleashes the full potential of his vampire side (he is ¼ human) and makes him a domineering, arrogant vampire who is prone to violence and wishes to control Inaho. This process is only reversed by his death and so we get the on-running situation where Mosquiton is allowed to feed to save Inaho and then must be staked to save her from himself.

pile of dust
When staked he becomes a pile of dust and when not under the influence of blood he is a bit of a doormat, cooking and cleaning for Inaho and victim to her self-centred, selfish outbursts. Staking is the only method used, through the show, to kill a vampire. As well as the vampire we get the elemental creatures Honoo (Yuji Ueda) and Yuki (Michiko Neya), servants of Mosquiton they are in child form but transform to adults when they use their powers (of fire and ice, respectively).

The O-Part is tied into a race of beings called the Star Lords who are said to be vampires on a cosmic scale. They harvest the earth every so often, using pyramids that materialise on the planet, sucking the life energy out of mankind. The O-Part is also sought by a creature exiled to Earth millennia before and last publically known as Rasputin (Masaru Ikeda). His servant is a vampire, who detests Mosquiton, called Count Saint Germaine (Kazuki Yao).

Camille and Mosquiton
Also, later in the show, Mosquiton’s vampire bride shows up, them having been estranged for 300 years. She is called Camille Inaho Carmilla (Hiromi Tsuru). A distant ancestor of Inaho, her entire reason for being is based around Mosquiton and she has a propensity to become nude to try and please him. This leads to jealous outbursts from Inaho.

flying into action
The Star Lords story is much too quickly rushed through, in between some shouty moments, some cartoon nudity and, what amounts to, a bedroom farce. The transforming elementals reminded me a little of Dragonball Z and the whole thing didn’t take itself seriously enough to run a serious main plot. It wasn’t bad, but I have seen better. 5 out of 10.

At the time of review there wasn’t an imdb page, however the anime network news page is here.

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