Thursday, April 07, 2011

Nothing is Sacred…

…And for that I am grateful. Vampires infect the memory of chick flick favourite When Harry Met Sally in the spoof trailer created for Grampires: When Sharon Bit Harry. Taking the famous scenes of the original, spoofing away and starring Billy Crystal as Harry who, Sally having passed away, meets Sharon played by Helen Mirren and fangful chaos ensues… look out for the Mike Tyson Cameo.

Fangs not your thing… then maybe Grombies: When Harry Ate Sharon is more your thing…

Either way, Funny or Die create a classic:


Anonymous said...

I'd see that movie on opening day if it were real! Helen Mirren is still beautiful.

Yet more possible vamps:

Grim Prairie Tales, an anthology film only available on VCR, has a segment featuring a cannibalistic seductress with a unique feeding method. (Perhaps just a succubus, not vamp at all.)

South Park episode Krazy Kripples has Christopher Reeve cracking open and sucking fluid out of fetuses, which gives him super-strength.

The skeksis of The Dark Crystal use dark magic to siphon the life essence of podlings, who turn into zombie-like husks, which one of them drinks to restore youth. (But it fails since gelfings are more potent than podlings.)


Taliesin_ttlg said...

I will, as always, keep my eye out for them Halek :)