Wednesday, March 09, 2011

A Couple of Announcements

I received a mail from James Fernandez, the creative force behind the web-serial Vampirism Bites.

There is currently a fundraising campaign to finance season 2 and they have a very special and limited (to 5) perk for those donating $120 (USD). First of all there is a twitter shout for the donator and they will also receive a set of custom dental acrylic vampire fang veneers made by

The donors will get a kit in the mail from Customfangs with instructions on how to make a mould of their teeth, and will get a custom set of vampire fangs that fit exactly to their teeth and can last for years of events, occasions and fun!

There's a video on the Vampirism Bites site in the Updates section that shows series star Natalie Baxter having hers made for the show's First Season, to show folks how they're made.

The other thing to mention to Being Human fans in the UK who are a little sad that Sunday will be the season finale is that a date has been announced for the DVD set and it isn’t far away.

The 3 disc set will be available on the 28th March 2011.

Amazon have it for pre-order:

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