Thursday, December 02, 2010

What’s coming along in the near future?

Just thought I’d take a few moments out to look at a couple of upcoming things on TMtV. I recently acquired the book A Brief History of Vampires by M J Trow. Now, given it is in the ever increasing 'to read' pile you may wonder why I mention? Well, a quick flick and things looked good, bibliography and index were present…

And then I read this Chapters 7-13 focus on the biographical details of Vlad Ţepeş… …The last three chapters of the book evaluate the real Vlad and place him in the context of vampirism. Far from being a mere footnote and a coincidence happened upon by Bram Stoker, Vlad Ţepeş is Dracula and the greatest vampire of them all.”

That was in the prologue and I might be jumping the gun but I think I’m going to enjoy pulling the wings off this particular fly. Indeed, candidly, I have been so disappointed by the reference books released due to the upsurge in vampire popularity that I have started writing my own reference book. Don’t hold your breath, it’ll take a while, but more details will appear on here at some point.

I also wanted to mention that Nicole Hadaway is back blogging and can be found over at the Dandridge Estate. Welcome back Nicole.

Last but not least, I wanted to put up the trailer for Jezebeth. A Damien Dante film, the blurb goes a little like:

“In the attic of an ancestral home, a devil worshipping sadist, Jezebeth Blandy (Bree Michaels), at war with God, unwittingly discovers a nineteenth century diary that details the summoning of a demon. Jezebeth succeeds in breaking a satanic code inside her hell room which creates for her two realities.”

I’m hoping we’ll get to look at this one next year but for further info do pop over to the film’s homepage.

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