Monday, November 15, 2010

Competition Winners

The Greyfriar competition has ended and the three winners chosen at random are Scott Swisher, Sally Koetsveld and Clark Nuttal. Many congratulations to you three – your details have been passed to Prometheus Books for them to send out your prize.

Also many thanks to all the other entrants, better luck next time I run a competition.

No review today, but a suggestion that you go visit the re-jigged and resurrected Leila’s Vampire Movies, run by a good friend of mine Leila. Her forum is also back up and running and I have been known to appear there occasionally.

Also Mr Everlost at Vampire News has just pointed out the trailer for new British vampire flick Dead Frequency. The trailer is below:


Dragonsally said...

OMG, I just got up and danced around the room. Thank you so much.

You wouldn't believe the smile on my face!

Taliesin_ttlg said...

no problem Sally, glad you have that big ol' smile

Christine said...

I signed into the forum but for some reason I can´t anymore log in. So if you don´t see RoseOfTransylvania, it is not because she dislikes the form. Grrr!

Taliesin_ttlg said...

Hi christine

I think it might be having a few teething troubles as I couldn't log on the other day and then it went ok again.

If you continue to have probs, let me know and I'll contact the powers that be for you :)

christine said...

Thank you very much, if you can do it, login haven´t worked yesterday or today.

Everlost said...

i'll ignore being called everlast! ha!

ok, that forum board is being a pain in my backside, even with my admin account it wasnt letting me log in!

so... things to check / do.

make sure your shortcut doesnt point to anything but

if your shortcut has sessionid stuff on the end of it, it wont let you log in.

failing that, go to the login button, click the lost password link and set a DIFFERENT password to the one you had... lets me in then if i did that.


Taliesin_ttlg said...

oops - typo

Christine said...

Thank you, Everlost!