Monday, August 23, 2010

Some plugs for some nice chaps

The lovely man and rather good director Phil Messerer of Thicker than Water fame – the Vampire Diaries moniker has been dropped due to a pesky TV series – has been in touch to say that he is in discussion with a DVD distributor.

That’s the good news. The next is not bad news, just disappointing, in that his next project won’t be part two but will be a new project based on the gangster genre entitled Underbelly Blues. However, he promises me that he will return to the trilogy no longer entitled vampire diaries soon. Underbelly Blues is to feature an ensemble cast of 26 and with Phil at the helm it has a lot of potential. It has a homepage here. It also has a fundraising project on

I have also been contacted by Ross Tipograph who, you may remember, did a Guest Review a short while ago. He tells me that Star Costumes dot com have an internet proposition for all horror readers -- they're offering $1,000 to any 18+ students currently in school (undergrad, graduate and I presume US only) working towards entering the horror industry. Interested: fill out the application on this link and complete the short essay with a unique point of view on why the horror genre is so important to you.

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