Sunday, August 29, 2010

Red Lips – review

Director: Donald Farmer

Release date: 1995

Contains spoilers

Hmmm… that probably sums this up best but I am sure you want a little more than that as a review!

Firstly, however, I must apologise for the crud screenshots but, just like I did, the only way you will get to see this film is through a (probably very tired) VHS Recording. The question is should you sit through the bad reproduction – short answer… no.

Oh, yeah, more than a one word review is required...

The film starts off with some lesbian sex, on the verge of not being softcore but still fairly tame. One of the two lifts her head from between her lover’s legs and her lips are red with blood… I should, I guess, mention the riff heavy guitar soundtrack that sounded, well amateurish if I am going to be honest.

Mandy Leigh as the doctor
Meet Caroline (Ghetty Chasun) she’s broke and selling blood but she only gets $15 dollars. The doctor (Mandy Leigh) – or she might have been a tree, rather than a doctor, I mean her acting was that wooden – offers her a hundred dollars to take part in a drug trial. She has come up with a serum that will eradicate illness, yes-siree-bob. Of course Caroline goes for it.

Having left the clinic she becomes wracked with pain and nausea. She falls to the floor and cuts her knee. She has the urge to taste the blood and the pain goes away. When she tells the doctor the next visit, she tells Caroline that it is perfectly normal and injects her with another dose.

This time her hunger leads her to attack a carpet salesman – but not after one of the worst acted moments, with a wannabe startlet convinced he is a movie producer, that I have had the misfortune to watch. Again back to the clinic but this time she feels the doctor up (who makes no attempt to resist) and kills her. Now… is this because of some hypnotic power… possibly… or perhaps in Donald Farmer’s world every woman is a potential nymphomaniac lesbian just waiting to jump the bones of any other nymphomaniac lesbian.

always hungry
Lisa (Michelle Bauer, Morgana and Tomb of the Werewolf) has just ditched her girlfriend Amy (Kitten Natividad) – who responds with some histrionic acting that would strip lead paint off wood – and bumps into Caroline. Caroline is weak with hunger and so she takes her to a coffee shop. Short story even shorter, Caroline goes into bathroom, finds another nymphomaniac lesbian, eats her and then goes clubbing with Lisa.

Lisa doesn’t seem to mind that Caroline tries it on with Gina (Jasmine Pona) as it gets them a place to crash and Gina even sleeps on the couch, whilst they get into some nudey rumpy pumpy. Middle of the night Caroline gets up, wanting a midnight snack, slips out of the bedroom and snacks on Gina. Lisa catches her.

bloody mouth
She then does what any self respecting woman, who had met a woman that day and seen her turn into a homicidal blood sucking freak, would do. She sends Caroline to bed, puts Gina’s body in the bath, dons a shower cap, cuts her up and puts the bits in the freezer! Yes, they are in love and the rest of the film is just Caroline finding feeds (mostly taking her top off to do it – if not more) until the film spins into its tragic ending that would be worthy of Shakespeare (should Shakespeare had been given a full frontal lobotomy before writing it).

Yes it is that bad… no redeeming features. 0 out of 10.

The imdb page is here.


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