Tuesday, December 01, 2009

RIP Paul Naschy

It was only having posted today’s review and going through some of the blogs I like to visit, that I realised that Paul Naschy has died, thank you Jenn for posting the news. I don’t often post obituaries but in this case I want to just mark the sad occasion.

I found the following tribute video on YouTube and can think of no better homage than embedding it below.

Farewell Jacinto Molina, you gave a lot of us a lot of pleasure.


Jenn said...

I cannot say how sorry I am that this has happened. I always hoped to meet him one day at a convention or something or other. I probably would have spontaneously combusted, but it would have been awesome!

Long live the Mighty Molina - you'll be forever immortal in your films to me!

The Dirge Of Gabriel said...

Oh that's really sad, I loved his Wolfman/Count Waldemar Daninsky movies, and I enjoyed Dracula's Great Loves as well.

We are at the time now sadly that all the horror greats you and I grew up with are passing away. Robert Quarry passed recently, now Paul/Jacinto. I imagine Christopher Lee hasn't got much time left, and then of course there is Ingrid Pitt.

To be honest in the current generation of 'horror' actors there isn't anybody I would truly miss. Famous genre actors of the Hammer/Eurohorror period are truly a dying breed.

I lift my glass of red wine to them and salute them for the efforts and greatness they gave us, and for filling this little boy's heart with Gothic Horror and glee.....

Zahir Blue said...


Derek Tatum said...

Farewell... I can't say I got into his movies, but his enthusiasm and sheer love for the genre shined through and made him a legend.

The T said...

RIP old legend... As Dirge of Gabriel said, there's few of your kind left. Today's biggest horror actors are CGI effects and masks. Gone are the days of masters like Lee, Cushing, and, yes, Molina.