Friday, October 09, 2009

bits and pieces

Go on over to Vampire Books and you’ll see that they have been kind enough to feature a chapter of my book Concilium Sanguinarius. This is actually Chapter 20 and has been featured, stand alone, once before in Ethereal Tales.

Also, pop on over to Geekbips, where you’ll see a discussion ‘Zombies Vs Vampires, Who’s a bigger threat?’ I have taken part in that discussion and you might find my response a little unusual – given the direction of this blog.

Last, but not least, Friday is Free Book Friday over at Nicole Hadaway’s blog. This Friday will see a giveaway of The Pumpkin Seed by Timothy C. Hobbs and Nicole will be doing similar promotions every Friday until Christmas.


Anonymous said...

I read your chapter again over at Vampire Books yesterday; it was pure genius of you to intertwine that legend with a vampire tale!

Taliesin_ttlg said...

Many thanks Nicole, *blush* I think genius is somewhat high praise.

Anonymous said...

No, I don't think it was too high! Oh, and contest at my page is open to first 10 commentors who correctly guess the question.