Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Scare for a Cure

Scare for a Cure is a haunted house event due to take place in Austin, Texas round Halloween and annually it aims to raise money for cancer charities, this year for the Breast Cancer Resource Centre. Gabrielle Faust contacted and asked me to feature the event and I am more than happy to do so.

There are many ways you can help, you could donate, volunteer to help with the event, sponsor the event or perhaps you could feature the event on a blog or website if you run one. Of course they'll also want folks to attend the event, so what is it all about?

Join a team of paranormal researchers to explore the mysteries and horrors of Dunstan Manor. Experience first-hand a twisted tale of vampires, blood-lust, abominations, survival, and evil’s quest for world domination. Do you have the courage and wits to save humanity, or will you end up as a snack at their victory party?

Comprised of 26 interconnecting stages that will involve moving walls and floors coated with blood and gore, rooms teaming with vampires and psychotic devotees, an open area with actual dug graves (into which you might possibly be thrown) and a 9ft. demon who will be none too happy to see you, Scare for a Cure is not simply another haunted house but the kind of experience that even the most jaded of horror enthusiasts will have nightmares about. However, if you are wanting a more tame version, there will be the opportunity to partake of the event on a less “interactive” level. Simply tell the people at the door and they will give you a glow in the dark necklace to alert the actors within to not drench you with quite so much gore or attack with such a vengence.

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